About Us

Collectivism > Individualism

WMNS March is a creative-based event for women to chase their dreams and showcase their genius.  This event is set during National Women’s Month in March to celebrate women working in the community. We aspire to motivate women to build foundations, expose their craft, and connect with other women of the same interests.

Our Story

WMNS March was founded early March 2019 by organization group and business, Marybyte's + Friends. The mission of Marybyte's + Friends is to enlighten women of what can be done when joining forces together. We firmly believe that by embracing our value we highlight one another’s worth, thus resulting in collective progression. As a  women of color, it’s important for us to create an inclusive safe space for all to express ourselves. Throughout the history of our series of women empowerment events, we want to be able to top the last year's event to provide the best experience for our guest that come out every year to support the cause. In order to properly highlight women, we curate each event to only be powered by those whom identify as a woman.

We are doing our job if we are assisting other women along their journey wether it's comes their achievements or failures. 


“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” 

— Diane Mariechild

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